Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

It's Sunday morning. So far my weekend has been great.

Yesterday was my little soccer team's last season game. We tied. We didn't make playoffs. Four out of the 6 teams in the division are advancing to playoffs and we are not one of them. I feel like a total loser. Actually, not really. It will be nice to have my Mondays and Wednesdays back to do what I want (not much). I enjoyed practices, but with the time change, we had to compress our practice down to 1 hour and it's so hard to get more than 1 drill plus a scrimmage accomplished in that time. But putting all this aside, I think the girls had a pretty good game on Saturday. We played the team that was either in first or second and we tied them. The smallest girl on my team is a pretty good passer, but she seems terrified of going after 50-50 balls. When she played forward, she always seemed to be at the back door, but never was strong enough to win the ball and take a shot. The assistant coach and I had discussed this and we would always shout at her whenever she was near the ball. This seemed to encourage here but it was usually not enough. Yesterday she was once again at the back door, waiting for a cross. The goalie came out for the ball, but the little girl intercepted the ball and tapped it into the goal. It was great to see her score. We couldn't get the win, but this was a great way to end the season.

We went to a party yesterday. I didn't drink very much. I basically didn't want to be hungover in the morning. I think it's a sign that I am very old that I prefer not to drink so that I can have my peaceful Sunday mornings to go grocery shopping before everyone else does, to bake muffins and squeeze orange juice, or to blog! God, I'm old.

Our Scottish visitor has a new name for Major...Poncho! If you've met all 25 lbs of black blob and fur, you know that Poncho is a suitable name. Poor Major. He's in the hospital. He was blocked and couldn't pee. We've been through this drill before so we are not too worried. He's turning out to be the most expensive cat in the world. But I guess pound for pound he's a pretty good deal.


jay said...

Yes, you are old. You may have not drank last night, as to avoid the hangover, but I can trump that! I went out to dinner with and had a couple of drinks following that with the in-laws. Not that they're not great people, but hanging with the in-laws on a Saturday night, not the coolest thing ever.

Pablo said...

So has your visitor taught you the intricacies of single malt whiskey?

Cleaty said...

I was going to get some Lagavulin but after the vet bill, I think we'll have to enjoy intricacies of our fat, black cat. Actually, believe it or not but our Scottish visitor is not drinking very much. Gasp! I know. He's training pretty hard and had a tryout with the San Jose Earthquakes (2008 MLS expansion team) on Saturday. He mentioned that most professional soccer players never drink. I think it's a good idea, but I find it hard to believe.

Pablo said...

LOL @ "most professional soccer players never drink".

Clearly your visitor has never met a Colombian footballer.

Cleaty said...

I think he was talking about REAL soccer players. Of course soccer wannabees, like the Columbians, will drink.

JUST KIDDING!!! I respect your mad soccer skills!