Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dirty Laundry and Treasures

Since we don't own a washer/dryer, we weren't going to have much to do at my parents house (and hence the second post today), and we had room in the car, we brought some dirty laundry so that we could wash while we were here. My parents just got a new washer and it's pretty sweet. It handles big loads so after I loaded all the whites (yes, Jay, you do have to separate the colors from the whites), I still had room so I ran around the house looking for more stuff to wash. I found a towel (I'm not sure it was even dirty) and rummaged through the parents' and brother's hampers. I didn't know laundry could be so fun!

Another thing I love doing at my parents' house is rummaging through drawers and cabinets, finding stuff that bring back the memories. For example, I found a Mickey Mouse Soccer Player Christmas ornament that a friend had given my a while back. I also found old pictures, my old drivers license (with a picture I actually liked), postcards and letters I've sent to the family, and so much more. I won't bore you with the details, but my parents' house is really a trove of treasures. For me, at least.

Oh, and I try to stick to looking through the drawers in my room or the common areas to respect privacy. I'm not a snoop.


jay said...

I standby my earlier claim that whites and colors do not need to be separated!

Sarah said...

I have the smartest SIL ever- even she reminds my hubby to seperate his laundry!

Cleaty said...

You are welcomed! Hee hee.