Thursday, November 1, 2007

Food Stuff

Last night for dinner we went out for sushi. When it was time to pay and tip, I realized that our waitress probably didn't work any harder than the waiters at the Mexican place next door. But since our bill was $75 and a typical bill at the place next door would probably amount to $25, our waitress was going to get 3x's the tip. That didn't seem fair.

Anyway, one day my friend Tim and I were trying to determine which food could be identified uniquely with each state. In other words, when you think of Lousiana, what food do you think of? Well, that's easy (since I was just there) - red beans and rice. So for all 50 states, here you go (my husband gets cowriting credit since he's sitting right next to me and I am making him answer my questions):

Alabama - "I would say Alabama, they eat grits." I've never been to Alabama so I have no idea, but I expect it's not grits.
Alaska - No idea, but I expect something fishy, or maybe something more exotically fishy, like seal.
Arizona - TexMex meets non-Mexican people. You know, like when you ask for your steak "a little more rare than medium-rare".
Arkansas - I'm thinking BBQ (which will be true of many states) while the husband suggest road kill.
California - Probably anything with avocado or sushi. Good stuff.
Colorado - Deer.
Connecticut - We both have no idea.
Delaware - Where's Delaware?
Florida - Fish and oranges. "Margaritas."
Georgia - More oranges. I'm having trouble here with all these fly-over states.
Hawaii - Pork and pineapples.
Idaho - And I da pimp.
Illinois - Hot dogs in Chicago.
Indiana - "Corn."
Iowa - "Corn."
Kansas - Corn.
Kentucky - Fried Chicken.
Louisiana - Red beans and rice, jambalaya, gumbo, etouffee.
Maine - Lobster.
Maryland - "Crabs."
Massachusetts - Clam chowder.
Michigan - Ice.
Minnesota - More Ice.
Mississippi - Mud pies.
Missouri - No idea.
Montana - Beef.
Nebraska - Where's Nebraska? "It's like in the middle, somewhere."
Nevada - T-bone steak and eggs.
New Hampshire - Maple syrup.
New Jersey - Really can't think of anything.
New Mexico - Anything with green chilies: pizza, McDonald's, pasta.
New York - Cheesecake.
North Carolina - Ok, this is getting hard.
North Dakota -
Ohio -
Oklahoma -
Oregon - Beef.
Pennsylvania -
Rhode Island - Something fishy.
South Carolina -
South Dakota - Potatoes?
Tennessee -
Texas - BBQ, specifically brisket.
Utah - Bread.
Vermont - Maple Syrup again.
Virginia - Ham.
Washington - Apples.
West Virginia - More ham.
Wisconsin - Cheese.
Wyoming - Don't know.
Washington, DC - Freedom fries.

I need to visit more states.


Tim said...

Nice start. Here are some suggestions.

Alabama - Alabama Slammer
Alaska - Halibut
Arizona - Iced Tea
Arkansas - Spring Water
Colorado - Also known for green chile stuff
Georgia - Peaches
Idaho - Potatoes
Kansas - BBQ (ribs) and Steak
Minnesota - Lutafisk
New Jersey - Where's Coney Island? Is that in New Jersey?
North Carolina - BBQ
Ohio - Chili, in Cinncinati. It has like chocolate and cinnamon in it or something.
Oregon - Nuts and berries
Pennsylvania - Philly Cheese Steak
Tennessee - Memphis, BBQ (pulled pork sandwiches)

jay said...

Ct would be something hoity toity like cavier or seomthing. Unless they're from Harford where it would then be something like McDonalds, cuz Harford isn't the nicest of cities..

Sarah said...

Yeah Maine lobster! I think New Hampshire might be trail mix... Vermont could also be Ben & Jerry's because that is where the factory is!
I have a challenge for Andrew & Jay- beer list for all 50 states.

loverna said...

WV-Hot Bologna Sandwich...with hot sauce! Also, ramps in the Spring.

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