Friday, November 2, 2007

Good vs. Evil, blah, blah, blah

A couple of weeks ago, my husband pointed out the outrageously bizarre and funny Gregg Easterbrook preview of the Colts vs. Patriots match this weekend. Easterbrook titled this football game as THE BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.* I thought perhaps Eastebrook had taken cues from the White House and was seeing everything as good or evil, and nothing in between. I expected everyone who read this to point out that Easterbrook had lost his mind. I never expected any other credible sportswriter to claim the same. I was wrong.

Fox sports (I know, I'm going out on a stretch here in claiming them credible) has jumped on the Easterbrook wagon:

"By kickoff time, Tony Dungy versus Bill Belichick will be shorthand for Good versus Evil."

Who knew, Boston is the heart of the axis of evil.

"He's a great coach, maybe even the greatest. But he's also a cheater."

Aren't we all? In the very least, we're all trying to cheat death. That's not very fair. In regards to the Patriots running up the score against Washington:

"There's no need for another debate about running up the score."

In AYSO there's also a blowout rule. Because it's just for fun and who cares what the score is. There's even a penalty if you win by more than 4 goals (it counts against you in tiebreaker for playoffs). If it shouldn't be done in the NFL, then make a penalty for it. I did feel kind of bad for Washington, but mostly because they sucked and were no match for New England. So what should have the Patriots done?

"One might recall a Colts-Ravens game three years ago. Peyton Manning was a touchdown pass from breaking Dan Marino's single-season record. Already up by 10, the Colts intercepted a ball that gave them a first down on the Baltimore 4-yard line. Instead of going for the record, though, Manning took a knee, then another. Finally, the clock ran out. 'That's the right way to play,' said Manning."

Uh, no. If the score had been run up against me and the other team had actually stopped playing to prevent from further scoring, I would have been more upset and embarrassed. It's not over till it's over and as long as the ball is in play, the losing team has a chance. If Manning really wanted to be nice to the Ravens, he would have thrown a few interceptions.

The media doesn't like Belichick because he doesn't give them anything. I personally love that about him. I think you are better off not saying anything going off on a rant a la Hope Solo.

Go Patriots!

*Note that what actually bothered me more in this article besides the good vs. evil rant, is the sexual remarks he would make. For example:

"Cheerleader of the Week: Reader Kevin Ward of Ireland proposes Leigh Killian of City of Tampa. According to her team bio, Killian is a graduate of Appalachian State -- one of this year's cool schools -- and works as a probation officer. Leigh, cuff me! The Bucs cheerleaders' warm-to-the-touch team pose is here."

I shiver every time I read that.


Will said...

The media is paid by the number of people that listen to them. This results in some crazy stuff being said in the less professional areas of journalism like sports and punditry. I don't think this guy believes Belichick is evil any more than Coulter thinks Edwards is a fagot. But hey, if the attention sells one more book or gets one more game viewer...

jay said...

I can't stand Easterbrook, and I haven't bothered to read any of his stuff in years.
Its a game. If you don't like the other team scoring, stop them or find another job, simple as that!
Great game yesterday though!!!

Pablo said...

Evil won.