Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scottish Visitor

Evil prevailed. Yay! I won't go into this anymore because the Patriots said it all.

Anyway, we have a Scottish house-guest for a couple of weeks. His name is Mark and he is one of the MLS Coaches for the AYSO region. He basically plays soccer all day. Lucky him. So far we've been watching lots of movies such as Borat and Freddy Got Fingered. We think he's enjoyed the American culture.

My little girls won this past weekend. Finally! It was nice to win after so many weeks of playing hard but losing 1-0. If we win this coming weekend, I think we will advance to playoffs.

While it was nice to gain an extra hour of sleep this past weekend, I hate coming home from work and it being dark already. I also moved my practices to run 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm and 1 hour practices are not enough to get anything decent accomplished. At the same time, I do like that the weather is getting cooler and the kittens are wanting to cuddle with us.

Happy hump day!

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