Monday, October 19, 2009

Had A Great Weekend

Husband's birthday. Ice cream cake. Dinner with friends. Football watching (does it snow in TN??). Soccer playing. Couch shopping. Made chili. Slept in. Picnic in the park. Only 4 more days till the next weekend!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Loyal Followers,

I am alive. Just busy. But know that I think of you guys every day. Well, not each one of you individually, but all of you, as a collection.

Anyway, just busy with work and being a mom. So you want to know what my typical day is like?

5:30 am - Husband goes to work and I typically am half awake (I'm a sensitive sleeper).

7 am - typical wake up time for El Jefe; if we're lucky, like we have been the last week, he'll either sleep through the night or only wake up 1 or 2 times.

7 - 8 am - keep him in bed with me as long as possible (usually 5-15 minutes), but this usually happens if he wakes up around 6 am, breastfeeds, and then goes back to sleep in bed with me; diaper change; clothing change (?); play with kitties; chase the El Jefe around the living room; MAYBE try to get a load of laundry going; or make the bed (a significant achievement, trust me).

8:30 am - feed the kitties, El Jefe, and me.

8:50 am - do a second attempt at feeding El Jefe, if he didn't finish his food the first time around.

9 am - shower; put El Jefe in the bassinet or in his exersaucer; get ready for work.

9:30 am - breastfeed El Jefe; sometimes he'll fall asleep.

10 am - nanny arrives, tell her what's going on; last few minutes of cuddle time if El Jefe is awake.

10:30 am - 6:30 pm - relax, eat, pump, relax, pump; OR work; actually, work has been quite hectic lately so it hasn't been relaxing.

7 - 10 pm - arrive home; breastfeed El Jefe; (make?) eat dinner; wash pump dishes; play with El Jefe; breastfeed El Jefe, bathe him, feed him, he sacks, maybe watch a little bit of a movie or try to do some stuff on the computer; go to sleep.

On days I'm lucky or work is slow, then I go home around 6 pm and get a little bit more time to do other stuff, like meet up with a friend, go for a walk, go to the store with El Jefe. But generally, that's it. That's life right now. And we are loving it.