Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another Week Ends

The last week at work was crazy busy. I didn't have to work any nights or weekends, but I did usually end the day with my brain fried and no desire to look at another computer again. I had a bunch of simulations I was running and it was a constant game of checking my runs/results, creating a new model, and rerunning it. We have a fast approaching deadline and very little money left, so I was basically switching between 10 screens on my computer. This week will probably be about the same, but fortunately it is short.

Right now I am watching the MLS Cup. It's New England vs. Houston. I would like New England to win so that they can have another team to brag about (besides the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics). But Houston does have De Rosario who is a pretty awesome goal scorer.

I recently decided that I am going to introduce myself with the Spanish pronunciation of my name instead of the blah! English way. It can sometimes sound awkward because it's pretty obvious what I am trying to do. However, if I just sound confident, I should be fine. I tried it earlier in the week and the response I got was, "what a beautiful name."

Yesterday we had our end-of-the-season party for the soccer team I was coaching. It was a fun party. I got thrown in the pool. I had been warned of the posibility by the assistant coach (who had hosted soccer parties at the same location in the past), so I was prepared with a swimsuit. I was sitting on a lounge chair next to my husband when the team swarmed me, picked up my lounge chair, and tried to throw me and the chair in the pool. I screamed, they put the chair down, I got up, and they pushed me in. Before the party, we had a daughters vs. parents game--Blizzards vs. Geezers. The parents easily won the game. The final score was 3-2, but I think a few goals scored by the parents were actually ignored, and they also eased off a little. That usually happens. In college, the alumni always beat us.

I already miss the team and the assistant coach. I had a great time coaching. It was frustrating at times but overall it was a great experience. I think I'll help out with the spring select team (it's like an all-star team that travels to tournaments).

Tonight we have a volunteer appreciation dinner. My husband had said he would go with me but changed his mind when he realized Tom Brady was playing a the same time. If only I could throw a football 60 yards for a touchdown.


Pablo said...

Houston wins the MLS cup!!

Take that New England!!!

jay said...

So how should those of us that already know you say your name? would you like me to switch, cuz i will, i dont mind :)
So the Revs lost in the finals, thats ok. One team losing is acceptable i guess..