Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Blues

I rode my bike to work today. All 1.5 miles of my commute. I really should ride a lot more often. When we move to our new place, my bike commute will be along a hike/bike trail which will be even better. Plus, the ride will be ~3 miles, so it will be more of a workout. Hopefully I’ll stick with it. The only bad thing is that I hit a big energy drop right around 10 am (at least I did today) in addition to the afternoon drop. But that might also be due to my getting less sleep. I am trying to cut back on 1-2 hours from my 8-9 hour norm so that I have more time to do the stuff I really want to do, like crafts. But lately I’ve noticed that I am having trouble remembering stuff. Like this morning I brought up an explorer window to look something up, and by the time the window came up, I had forgotten what I was going to Google. And I often find myself on the second floor but can’t remember why I went there (or how I got there). So this might be due to my lack of sleep, or perhaps old age. I’m hitting an age milestone later this year – the one you hit when you are about my age.

I had an indoor game last night and we won, 12-3. It was great to be on the other side of the high score. But at the same time I don’t like to win by a ton of goals. I feel just as bad when I loose as when we win by a lot. We had 2 new guys and one of them was really, really good. He scored most of the goals but he did also give a few good assists.

This past weekend was pretty good. On Saturday I spent all day at the soccer field. My little girls had a soccer tournament and they played 3 games. They didn’t do very well. The good thing is that they quickly forgot about losing and everyone had a great time at dinner after our last game in the tournament. Plus, not advancing in the tournament meant I had a free Sunday.

On Sunday I spent a good amount of time working on my cards. In the morning we went to our local farmers’ market and came back with some delicious apple cider, beautiful strawberries and a very good sausage that I used in Emeril’s Kicked Up Sausage Macaroni and Cheese. We also got some cayenne pepper fresh spaghetti that we’ll have for dinner tonight with some butter and cheese.

Website role call – I found these websites on a Martha Stewart article on 100 reasons why you should declutter and organize:

Donate your lightly used business suits and business clothes to Dress for Success to help disadvantaged women get the clothes they need to make a great first impression at an interview.

Can’t figure out what to do with your fancy evening wear and ball gowns? Donate them to Operation Fairy Dust who will in turn distribute them to underprivileged girls to wear on their prom night.

Want to get rid of those winter coats now that spring is here? Donate you lightly used coats to One Warm Coat. This one might take a little more work since you have to find a coat drive or agency in your area.

Have an old pair of eyeglasses? Don’t throw them away, dontate them to Unite for Sight who will send them to people in need around the world. Also check out Give the Gift of Sight.

Donate those books and textbooks to Books for Africa and you can make room on your bookshelves for new books. You send your books to St. Paul, MN and they send them on to Africa.


Will Campbell said...

I'm getting a bike soon, and I joined a soccer team. (I'm copying you!) What age milestone is that...quarter century or 10,000 days? ;)

Cleaty said...

My age milestone (in years) is actually closer to 11,000 days:

360 months
263,007 hours
15780392 minutes
946823569 seconds

That's a lot.

Good for you on the bike and soccer news. Let me know how riding in DC goes. Is your soccer team coed? Indoor/outdoor?

Will Campbell said...

It's 7-on-7 outdoor on a small field. It's coed with a 2 girl minimum. We won our first game handily against ASU (5-0), though I can't take much credit :).

Wow, nearly a billion seconds...that's another good milestone.