Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nothing Much Going On

I had an indoor game last night. We won 2-1. The husband played defense and he did a pretty good job. I pulled something in my quad pretty early in the game and I was stupid enough to keep playing. After the game it was a little hard to walk properly and I had a lot of trouble going up/down the stairs. But as soon as I got home I iced my leg and took some advil. It felt much better this morning but I am still icing and taking advil. I am going to be walking around a lot in the next few days and I don’t want my leg holding me back.

I am always hesitant to open email from the Human Society, the SPCA, the WWF, and the like. But I’m glad I opened one I received today with the subject: “Important update on Canada's seal hunt”

Here's the most exciting piece of news: the European Environment Commissioner has announced a plan to ban the trade in all seal products originating from inhumane hunts. This builds upon the historic declaration by the European parliament in 2006. If an EU-wide ban is enacted, the fashion houses serving the main markets for seal skins today -- China and Russia -- would be forced to stop, and millions of baby seals would be saved from cruel slaughter. In the meantime, many nations have either banned seal product trade or announced their intentions to do so. They include: Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Panama, Mexico, and the United States. Just the potential for an EU ban on seal products has saved thousands of seals already. Prices paid for seal skins this year have declined so much that most sealers have chosen to stay home.

Good. It’s overwhelming and depressing to hear about all the horrible things that people do to each other and to animals. But little victories like these are quite heartening.

I thought of another thing a driver can do to help a cyclist: use daytime headlights. I have a little rearview mirror attached to my helmet. It’s quite easy to see a car coming up behind me with a quick glance into my mirror if they have their headlights on.

New York ... 1 day to go! At this time (Eastern time) in 2 days we’ll be watching a Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Yankee stadium. I’m not sure who to root for.

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