Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weekend Preview

I am looking forward to the weekend. As always!

Last night we had our neighbors over for dinner. The husband just started his residency as an Ob-gyn, or “baby catcher”, as he likes to call it. The wife is doing some sort of bio-med postdoc. They are both totally cool. And both the husband and my husband are video game, music, and movie junkies. The doctor always has crazy stories to tell. Did you know that the residency phase goes on for 4 years??!! Talk about slave labor. Anyway, he was telling us about women who have heart conditions (such as a hole in one of walls in their heart) that isn’t a big deal in general. However, when they get pregnant and deliver a baby, they have an 80% mortality rate. The babies are usually fine. I can’t imagine knowing what the risks are and still wanting to get pregnant. What’s wrong with adoption? Twins+ can also lead to complications such as babies competing with each other for blood, premature birth, to name a few.

Our friend Tim is visiting from Austin. He’ll be here Saturday. On Sunday he has to go off to some conference in the area. He’s basically a big shot in whatever he does…something to do with the environment, water, I don’t know for sure. But his job and training that he provides take him all over the world (UK, Greece, San Diego, South Africa). I need to figure out what I am good at because I want to be in demand all over the world. Speaking of which, I’ve been working on a project at work that is basically all me. I do collaborate with my boss since he is much more experienced in this type of work. When we had the customer briefing, I put together a presentation and was ready to give the talk. But he ended up make a lot of last minute changes and then we had technically difficulties and so in the ended I conceded the briefing to him. But now the customer has wanted him to keep presenting and I am bummed because I wanted the experience. I should have just jumped on the opportunity. Next time!

Sunday morning I am helping a friend deliver a cat. No, she’s not pregnant with the cat, but she is going to return a cat she helped save back to its family. The parents aren’t very good at English so I am going to help translate. I have been wanting to do something to help educate the Hispanic population about the proper care of pets. In general, they don’t seem to think it appropriate and wise to spay/neuter their pets. And preventative care is also not a top priority. Some of it may be because of financial burdens and lack of awareness (low cost clinics). So I want to do what I can to help.

On Sunday afternoon, I am helping to host a going away party for our Scottish ex-houseguest. He’s finally headed back across the pond. He has a big fan-base here in the area so we are all getting together for some soccer, food, and drink at the park.

Apart from that, if I have time, I want to continue working on my scrapbooks. I finally finished my grad school album and am now working on my trips to Bremen, Germany and Bergen, Norway.

Happy Thursday!

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Pablo said...

And after the residency they get to do a fellowship, which can be up to 2 years. MDs have it tough.