Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Wenesday Morning Thoughts

I need to work on my celebration after I score a goal. I had an indoor game Monday night. The game was pretty intense and there was a lot of back and forth. I assisted the first goal and when my teammate scored, I threw my hands up in the air in relief. We were up 2-0 towards the end of the game and I scored a pretty goal on a cross and I threw my hands up in the air again in celebration. Maybe I can pump my fists a la Mcguire. Or I can do a superman dive like the pros. One of my teammates did that after he scored. He’s bald and didn’t lift his head up and got major rug burn on his forehead. The Astroturf is rough on bare skin.

I played coed outdoor last night and we tied 3-3. The other team was pretty good and they worked well as a team (A LOT of passing). They even did warm-up laps and stretched as a team, which was a little intimidating. We tied mostly because our goalie is unbelievable and was great at stopping shots. My touch on the ball was pretty good but defenders easily got around me. I knew exactly what moves they were going to do but I was unable to move fast enough to either intercept their pass or stop their moves. I need to work on my agility and speed.

Ewww, our drinking water is contaminated with “A vast array of pharmaceuticals -- including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones.” I don’t like soda and only drink juice on occasion, so what am I going to drink?

I used to get about 9 hours of sleep. I would go to bed around 10 pm and the alarm would go off at 7 am (and I would press the snooze button for about 30 minutes). Now, because I’ve been very busy I tend to go to sleep around 11 or 11:30 pm and wake up at the same time. I love having the extra hour or two in my day to watch tv or work on my crafts. Sometimes I go to sleep not because I’m tired but because it is late. And I think I’ve been sleeping better. The only difficult part is getting past the crash I experience around 3 pm. It’s especially bad if work is slow or not too exciting.

How's this for keeping your students' attention - a college professor that started his first day of class with:

"Now I know some of you have already heard of me, but for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar, let me explain how I teach. Between today until the class right before finals, it is my intention to work into each of my lectures ... one lie. Your job, as students, among other things, is to try and catch me in the Lie of the Day."

We finally got our vagabond, Monkey, microchipped. I was hesitant because I was afraid it would be a painful procedure. She didn't notice when it happened. She complained much more when she got her rabies shot. When I updated her information at the company website (HomeAgain), I decided to allow them to send me emails if there was a pet lost in the area. In about 24 hours I've gotten 4 emails. It's a bit distressing.

I still look at the SI NFL page daily. And it's not even football season! What is wrong with me??!! On our way in to work on Friday morning, the husband and I talked football. The whole way. I am glad I am playing soccer to balance me out.


Tim said...

from your article:
[Of the 28 major metropolitan areas where tests were performed on drinking water supplies, only Albuquerque, New Mexico; Austin, Texas; and Virginia Beach, Virginia, said tests were negative.]

Ha! Austin! Boo-yah!

Cleaty said...

I was very surprised about Albuquerque. Austin I would expect, but Albuquerque. I think they are also in the top place for either air quality of low particulate levels (or both).