Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Save the Seals

Did you know that Canada has a yearly seal hunt? Seals, including babies, are brutally killed and often skinned while they are still dying. Why? For their fur. How sad and inhumane is that? There is a lot you can do, including boycotting Canadian seafood and writing letters to the Canadian Prime Minister and Embassy. And most importantly, you can let other people know.


Will Campbell said...

Sorry to play devil's advocate, but would you care as much if seals were ugly? There are some darn cruel rat traps out there ;).

Cleaty said...

Yes, I would care. I believe all animals should be treated and killed (if necessary) humanely. That includes non-cute animals (although I don't think rats and mice are the ugliest animals) and animals raised for human consumption, so cows, pigs, and chickens. The way we treat animals is probably a good indication of the morals and values of a society. My only exception would be bugs. So I'll narrow it down to the Phylum Chordata.

I am angered by how most people freak out when exotic animals such as parrots and monkeys are treated without care and kept in horrible conditions (small cages, etc.) but they permit the same treatment of farm animals in the US. It's hypocritical.

Will Campbell said...

Oh those poor octopi...what evil things cleaty has in store for you! Maybe a fairer criteria would be the ratio of brain cells to total body mass.

Animals die at the hands of man; I agree that we should make that process as humane as possible. Still, part of me thinks that if the chicken had a vote, she'd just assume not to be killed at all. The method of demise would be of secondary concern :).