Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

So for the past week, the main CNN page has had a news link to a video entitled "Naked Men Shop for Skittles." I haven't seen the video because I only check out CNN when I'm at work and I'm not going there. But you can check it out yourself.

We went to our local sports bar to check out the Patriots vs. Jets game. Good game. The Steelers vs. Jaguars game was on at the same time. Every time the Jets scored or got a good play, the Steelers fans would cheer and wave their yellow terrible towels. When the Jaguars scored, the Patriots fans would cheer. The best was last weekend when we again had to go to the bar to watch the Pats vs Steelers game. The Steelers fans were talking a lot of trash early in the game, but as the Pats kept scoring, the Steelers got really quiet. The silence was truly golden.

Hot dogs give me headaches. I have lots of data points throughout the years. It's too bad because I do like to eat hot dogs every once in a while.

On NPR the other day I heard a story about a new way of transmitting sound by ultrasound. I'm not sure what type of equipment is needed but the sound waves can be directed to a specific point and they sound extremely clear to the receiver. It was so clear that it was described as voices in their head. One possible military (of course) application is for crowd control by directing painful sounds to a few or many people within a crowd. This reminds me of the military's directed energy weapons. When microwave radiation is directed at a person, their skin feels as if it is burning but it's physically harmless. So in theory it's a good idea. Unless that person is wearing metal or other materials that will absorb the energy and then they'll have a really hot zipper or button (e.g., zipper on jeans) against their skin. That would definitely leave a scar.

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