Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Much Going On Over Here

So not much to report. Monday I had a coed indoor soccer game at a reasonable time of 8:25 pm. I was home by 10 pm, showered, ate cereal and watched The Wire before heading to bed.

I can eat cereal at all times of the day. Growing up, we used to have a big breakfast (usually a burrito of leftovers, rarely did we eat cereal for breakfast), a small lunch, dinner right after school, around 4 pm, and cereal before going to bed. It's different, I know. Cereal is something that I don't mind experimenting with (trying different kinds) and I usually can make up my mind without regrets (unlike trying to pick only 1 ice cream flavor). I look forward to my Saturday and Sunday mornings when I can sit down with my bowl of cereal. During the week I have breakfast at work and it's usually oatmeal with honey.

We've been watching season 4 of The Wire (HBO dvd's) while we have dinner. It's a great show. As soon as we finish we'll move on to rewatching The Sopranos (currently in season 2) so that we can lead up to the final season which we haven't seen yet. We subscribe to Netflix and we've had both The Motorcycle Diaries and Vacancy for a few weeks because we prefer to watch our HBO dvd's. The husband doesn't want to watch Vacancy because he's afraid it will be too much like Hostel. Did anyone see that movie? That was insane. And there's a part II.


jay said...

you should totally try Raisin Bran Crunch. Its really good, and healthy!

Cleaty said...

Thanks for the suggestion. That sounds like a good cereal. I like crunch in my cereal. I tend to let the flakes get soggy but I like some crunch either from nuts or clusters. Hopefully Costco will sell that cereal because that's where I always buy cereal. Now I want some cereal for dinner. :)

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