Friday, December 14, 2007

Some of My Thoughts Today

About 10 times a day, I'll be thinking of something and realize that my thought is good post material and that I should post about it. But by the time I get around to posting about it, if I ever do, I have forgotten what I was thinking.

The husband and I went to the gym today at lunch. It was almost empty. We like that. We don't like to compete for machines and it's always annoying to see a bunch of guys drooling over women in skimpy outfits with make-up and styled hair. Don't wear your hair down, like you just walked out of a salon, when you go to the gym. I had a soccer teammate when I was younger who always made up her eyes with eyeliner and mascara before every game. I never understood why.

We try to be conservative when it comes to our footprint on the environment. But I always wonder if I'm making the right choice. For example, should I pack my leftover pizza in a plastic bag, foil, or a Tupperware? The plastic bag can be sturdy and I can wash it. But washing it will use water and soap. The more bags I wash the more I can be efficient with my water and soap. Foil I can really only reuse a couple of times but it can serve both as storage and a surface to reheat my pizza in the oven. The Tupperware will have the longest life but it does take up space in the dishwasher. Similar arguments can be had for most of the the things that we do. That's too much to think about.

I'm not a big fan of Christmas decorations. I like to look at decorated trees and Christmas lights, but I don't like to put up a tree and then have to remove and store the decorations. It's too much work. Maybe when we have kids I'll enjoy that. This year we'll hang stockings on our cat trees.

Our charities of choice this year are (in descending order): World Wildlife Fund, Oxfam, the Humane Society, and a three way tie of local food bank, ACLU, and Amnesty International.

At work I've been working with a finite element version of a dummy model (a computer model of the dummies used in car crash tests). The dummy is in a seated position and I had to create a flat plate to work as a seat. I was zoomed in on the butt area to ensure that the butt was not penetrating the seat (yes, this is the terminology I would use) when my boss walked in. I was embarrassed. Later in the afternoon it happened again. I felt like such a pervert.


jay said...

When it comes to blogging, if I think of something funny or interesting to write about during the day, I immediately write it down and stick it in my pocket so i dont forget.
There's nothing wrong with drooling over the girls at the gym, nothing at all. as long as your wife doesn't catch you that is.
Using the dishwasher actually uses less water than washing dishes by hand, so i'd go that route.

Pablo said...

Eff Amnesty International. I'll support them when they start being objective.