Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It seems that most people who meet me can't figure out my ethnicity. Most people that know me, know that I am Mexican, born in the US. However, people have made all sorts of random assumptions about my heritage, including:

Filipino - this one is totally fine and an acceptable assumption.
African-American - it must be my cheekbones.
Native American - see above.
Turkish - really?
Indian - assumed by people from India!

When I shaved my hair and was wearing a head scarf, people assumed I was Muslim. The worse I've gotten was "the Vietnamese kid Angelina Jolie adopted." That was a comment made by my brother when I sent him a picture shortly after I shaved my head. Thanks.


jay said...

Um, I saw that pic too, and to be honest you kinda did look like angelina's kid hahaha :)

Cleaty said...

Uh, how did you see that picture? Either I'm having a memory relapse or that picture got into the wrong hands. As I remember, I sent it to a very limited number of people (only the ones that still had to love me after they saw my shaved head).

Pablo said...

I get Indian sometimes as well.

Sarah said...

You sent it to me, and of course I still love you... But I believe I held house pictures hostage until you sent it to me, so that wasn't quite fair... but Jay is a terrible person so you don't have to like him at all.