Monday, July 7, 2008

Cat Update

I have a lot of cat news. We are fostering a very cute, very tiny flame point kitten that we’ve name Benjamin Buttermilk Biscuit, or just Biscuit for short. Monkey and Major hate the new, but temporary addition. Noodles took a few days to warm up to him and now he’s usually quite pleased to have him around. I think Noodles likes being an older brother, except when Biscuit is on Noodles like a shadow and Noodles doesn’t want to partake in kitteny things. At times like that Noodles will usually run around and try to loose Biscuit. It works sometimes. Here are some cute pics.

Monkey went out on Friday morning and didn’t come back until this morning. I remember sitting in bed shortly before Monkey arrived, thinking how peaceful the house was. Major was sprawled on the bed at my feet, Noodles was on the cat perch next to the window, and Biscuit was sleeping in a little tent next to the bed. There had been no interruptions in the middle of the night either by Monkey screaming to go out or her banging around in the kitchen being obnoxiously loud. I had obviously worried about Monkey and had gone around the neighborhood Saturday and Sunday evening, looking for her (note to self and others, consider how stupid you sound yelling your pet’s name in the middle of the street when coming up with a new pet name). But aside from my worry, I think the stress level in the house was a lot lower than usual. I am really curious as to where she went. Sometimes when she comes home she’s covered in spider webs. As much as I worry about her when she’s gone for more than 24 hours, that’s just what Monkey does.

Last week we trapped, neutered, and returned our first feral cat. It was a big tomcat that had scratched Monkey a bit and terrorized our back yard. He would visit often in the middle of the night, driving our cats crazy. Major would go insane, yelling and growling at the cat through the kitchen glass door and of course we would all wake up trying to figure out what was going on. The cat was extremely feral and aggressive and so our friend who helped us get him neutered named him Satan. After he got fixed, tested, and vaccinated, we brought him home and later that night we released Satan (I love the sound of that). Over the weekend as I was looking for Monkey, I saw Satan sitting on the front porch a couple houses down, engrossed in a bath.

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