Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Alive

Again, it's been quite a long time since I've posted. I was ready with an apology, but you know what, no more apologies. I will post when I can (I am always thinking about it but not always near the computer with free time). I thank all my loyal readers and I hope you still come back often to see what I'm doing (who knows, maybe now that I've taken the pressure off I'll post more often).

A lot has happened, where to start...

We went to Lake Tahoe for a few days with the husband's cousins. It was great. We rented a house on a little lake north of Lake Tahoe and we had our own private beach. The lake was small but motor boats were not allowed so that kept things quiet. The house came well furnished and with a couple of canoes so we spent the days and nights canoing, eating, drinking, and hanging out. I figured out that I'm not quite as adventurous as I think I am. I was terrified every time I went out on the canoes, afraid they were going to tip over. I had a life jacket on and the lakes weren't that deep nor that big, but still, I was afraid of the inconvenience of falling into the lake. So maybe I'm still adventurous, just not willing to get dirty.

Last weekend we went to the OC to hang out with my family. The husband needed to fly once on Southwest before the end of the month to get a free ticket. So we decided to take the short, cheap flight to Southern California and use the free ticket for a trip to Boston. It was hot down south. Fortunately my parents have AC in the family room so that's where I spent most of my time. I noticed that there was very little traffic in LA, and I'm guessing it's because of the cost of fuel. It was a little weird, but convenient! We went to a wedding with my parents. Since we were last minute guests, I was afraid we would screw up the seating arrangement, but fortunately Mexican weddings have open seating. I swear my parents knew everyone at the wedding. We were only a little late (before dinner) but most people arrived late so our dinner was spent standing up and introductions. I don't think we sat down for more than a couple of minutes at a time during dinner. Still, I got to see my extended family and the food was very good.

We watched a lot of basketball during the last couple of weeks. Mainly the Celtics vs. Lakers finals. That was a great series. A lot of good basketball, a lot of blowouts, a lot of comebacks. Once it was over, I was bummed to not have any more sports to watch. The UEFA Euro 2008 is on right now but most games are during the middle of the day (the EuroCup is like the European World Cup - every 4 years). Over the weekend my brother and I watched Russia upset Holland. It was an exciting game and it was great to watch it with my brother. Oh, we flew in to LAX over the weekend, and for our flight in, the husband wore his Celtics Larry Bird shirt. I told the husband I would probably not defend him if he got in trouble in Laker country. But I think most LA people were still too embarrassed from Game 6, or hadn't cared enough in the first place.

The bosses were not in the office today, which resulted in a quiet (no phone ringing), relaxing day in the office. Since I'm quite tired, I think I'll go home early (only 8 hours worked!).

On Friday it was quite hot. When I got home, Monkey was still gone so I went around the neighborhood, looking for her. By the time I returned home, she was waiting for me at the door. As soon as she walked in, she laid down on the kitchen floor, with her paws in the air. She was in a position we like to refer to as "raided", kind of like the cockroaches in the Raid commercials. I got a wet wash cloth and put it on her belly. She didn't mind at all, and stayed there for about 1/2 an hour. It was that hot.

Fortunately it has cooled off a bit. It's no longer pushing 100 degrees F.

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