Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mostly Uneventful Weekend

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. The weather was pretty good, not too hot. So let’s see, what happened…Biscuit got adopted. A lady had come late last week to visit with Biscuit and she fell in love, so she wanted to adopt him. We arranged to deliver Biscuit during the weekend. The next day we got an email from the lady who had changed her mind after much soul-searching. Oh well. On Sunday, a very nice couple from the city drove down to meet with Biscuit. They immediately fell in love and we were very pleased with them, too. They even brought pictures of their other cats to show off – just the kind of cat people we like. Biscuit was captured pretty late for a kitten – he was probably around 7 weeks old. We had him for about 2.5 weeks and he was still quite shy of us (we would have to be sneaky to catch him). He loved Noodles and would spend his day chasing Noodles around, but while he was interested in us, he preferred to keep his distance. The lady in the couple who adopted Biscuit was very nice and gentle with him. We heard that by the next day, Biscuit was purring away in her lap. We were sad to see Biscuit leave, but we know he found a great, loving home. We couldn’t be more pleased about that. As soon as Biscuit left, Noodles stretched out on the living room floor and took a long nap. He was probably quite relieved to have a good nap without the risk of a kitten attacking him.

We really didn’t do anything over the weekend worth sharing. We had a pretty boring, unsocial weekend. Which was fine with me.

Oh, but the husband did get and partially set up the projector last night and I have to admit that it looks pretty good. Currently it’s sitting on the coffee table and hopefully by this weekend he’ll hang the projector (from the ceiling) and screen (from the wall). Then we have to get a short piece of furniture to place at the base of the screen for the computer, speaker, xbox, and a few media items (probably dvd’s). I wish we had the skill and tools to actually build the furniture, so we could get exactly what we want.

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