Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rain, Rain, Don't Come Back

It rained here for about 1 week straight. We finally got sunny, but cold weather. I don't care if it keeps raining. I kind of like the rain since it's usually warmer when it's rainy. Last night was cold. We keep the heater thermostat at 50 F so it won't turn on (since it's so inefficient), but it turned on a few times during the night. Major and Sluggo snuggled themselves between the husband and me, trying to leech our warmth.

Monday night we had our indoor semi-final game and we lost. We were sure we were going to win and advance to the championship game later that night so we scheduled a party between games. Instead of it being a between-game charge-up, it was an end-of-season party. We lost pretty badly too - 8-3 (or something like that). After ending the season undefeated, it was sad to loose so badly to a team we had beaten before. But at least I scored!

I had posted previously that I did not think glamorous celebrations were appropriate in sports, especially in pro-football. I don't necessarily think they should be illegal, but I do have more respect for a player that scores a touchdown and then just hands the ball back to the ref and jogs off the field like it was nothing. When I score in soccer, I tend to jog back to midfield for the kick-off. However, Monday night we were down 5-1 when I scored and threw my hands up in celebration and relief. When I got back to midfield and my teammates cheered me, I threw my hands up again. So when Wes Welker and Randy Moss score their touchdowns this coming weekend, I will celebrate with them.

So my ribs feel much better. I finally took Advil and they felt better almost instantly. Imagine that. Advil, the miracle drug.

Sometimes people do things that don't make sense to me. I made invitations for a family friend's daughter's Quinceñera. I told them I would mail them out for her if she would give me a list of addresses. But she said she would hand deliver them so that I wouldn't have to wast money on stamps. What?! What about the money wasted on gas to drive all over town and the time (time is money!) it will take to hand deliver 50 invites. For me time is the critical thing and I would rather spend 41 cents to send something off and forget about it. You can always get more money but time runs out.

We are in the middle of re-watching HBO's Rome, season 2. That's a great show. We were bummed that it got canceled after only 2 seasons. One of the viewing options it to turn on notes that pop-up during the episode and give trivia on Roman life and history. They are very good. For example, did you know that Romans could keep ice for a few days in holes in the ground? It was obviously only something that very rich people could have. Pee was also saved and sold which aided in the treatment of animal hydes (I think it was the ammonia or something like that in the pee). Anyway, so I was looking for the Caesar's eulogy given by Mark Antony (it is referenced in the show), but all I find are Shakespeare's versions. I don't know how accurate that is. You know that famous Shakespearean line from Caesar's murder: "Et tu, Brute"? Well, it turns out that historians don't agree on whether or not Caesar spoke as he lay dying on the senate floor. Maybe I'll look up some Caesarian historian and see if I can get the eulogy from them.

You know how the stereotypical wife is usually exasperating her husband by constantly going out shoe and purse shopping? Well, for me it's house stuff. I'm always looking for stuff that will make our place more organized, especially our kitchen. I don't usually go crazy but I will admit that we could do without most of the kitchen toys we have. So when I recently gently suggested to my husband that he should stop buying video games, he came back with the thought that maybe I should stop buying house AND craft stuff. Damn! I probably have enough craft stuff to keep me going for a while, but I'll have to only daydream about getting an ice cream machine and some more, pretty kitchen towels.

Well, I've been working on this post long enough so I better just stop here. But I have a lot more thoughts and now I just need to find the time to get them on the blogosphere.


Will said...

Rome is pretty good, though they clearly rushed through the second season. Things really move fast in the last few episodes and there are some continuity issues. Why does Naomi's son age slower than Pullo's while Naomi's daughters hardly age at all? :) I wish there had been more seasons...

Cleaty said...

Definitely, there should have been more seasons. I Claudius picks up where Rome leaves off (almost) so you can always watch that. But it's BBC and not as dramatic (and bloody) as the HBO series. Still worth watching if you haven't seen it yet.