Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

The trip home from the Northeast was mostly uneventful, apart from Southwest leaving one of our bags somewhere along the way (I'm thinking Phoenix). So after we waited about 30 minutes at baggage claim for our third bag, we complained at the baggage claim office. They were fairly responsive and our bag was delivered the next afternoon to my work. One thing I noticed about lost baggage delivery is that the two times that one of my bags has been lost, when it gets delivered, it's always been a woman carrying my big, heavy bag to my door.

All the kitties were very happy to have us home. Sluggo, the white one, has been very lovey and he's been following me around all over the house. Noodles, the three-legged pirate, was very wary of me the first day, but as soon as we started using our electric blanket, he warmed up to us. Monkey was out the door even before we were able to get our suitcases in the house. And I think Major is upset we are home since we removed the constant-food feeder and replaced it with three feedings a day. We started the diet about 1.5 months ago, and I really thought Major was looking thinner. However, after three days of having food constantly available, I think he put the pounds (and maybe even more) back on.

We arrived to torrential downpour and wind. It's been nonstop for over a day now. This afternoon it finally stopped and we got some sunshine for a couple of hours. Monkey was very upset with the rain. I am sure she thinks we are to blame.

I feel much better. I don't have strep throat. The first thing I noticed when I got off the plane was the humidity in the air. The cold, dry New England air really aggravated my throat.

It will be a quiet weekend without a football game to watch. The Patriots have a bye this weekend since they are so awesome.

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