Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolution, Day 2

Day 2! I am still feeling crappy. I think I have strep throat. I have a doctor's appointment on Fri. morning, so I'll find out then. Between now and then I have a 13 hour trip home, door-to-door. Ugh!

I just saw an ad on tv for airbrush makeup. That's probably the same thing that morticians use to prepare a body for viewing.

Here are some great pictures my brother-in-law took of my husband and I playing in the snow. Here I am taking aim:

I nail the husband right where it hurts:

I dodge a snowball, The Matrix style:

1 comment:

Pablo said...

I fully support nailing your husband where it hurts, but aren't you going to need those at some point in life?

Happy new year!