Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Way It Is

My brother (my blood) is a big fan of the LA Lakers, the Dallas Cowboys, and the NY Yankees (gasp!).

My husband (my love) is a fan of anyone who beats the Lakers, the New England Patriots, and the Boston Red Sox.

Fortunately for me they act like adults and keep it civil.


Pablo said...

Hmmm Pats vs Yankees...which one is the more hateable (is this even a word?) team?

jay said...

Your brother, ask him for me how much his knees hurt from jumping on the bandwagons..
By law, you're only allowed to be a fan of the teams in your city/region. (the only exception here is if your dad grew up in city A, and moved to city B, so you grew up loving city A's teams cuz your dad did)
Now your husband is 100% correct. He has loved his teams thru their incredibly rough and horrible years. He stuck with them, and now gets to enjoy their glory. Cheers to you brother in law!