Monday, June 1, 2009

We Haven't Laughed This Hard Ever

Sorry for the poor video quality. We have a high-def camera but can't figure out how to make better quality, but smaller sized videos. This one is about 2.5 minutes long and the image gets better when we turn on the light about 30 seconds into the video. Be sure to have the sound on. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA.....(aunt christine xoxo). The fact you did it for 3 min was even more funny!

Cleaty said...

Yeah, I think the Peanut got tired of the joke before we did. At least we have the video to watch over and over.

Kelly said...

you guys have too much time on your hands, torture the poor kid, now every time he hears a fart noise he will suffer from post traumatic stress :)

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