Thursday, April 9, 2009


A few weekends ago we decided to co-sleep with the Peanut. He gave us 6 hours between feedings which was awesome. But, we were so worried about squishing the baby that we barely slept. The following weekend, we tried it again. The second time around we loved it and were hooked. We've been co-sleeping since. It's so much fun. It's like a little slumber party every night. The only thing is that since we are not planning on co-sleeping in the long term, we probably need to go back to having the Peanut sleep in his crib. But maybe we'll enjoy it for another few weeks.

This weekend we are going to OC to visit family. It's the Peanut's first trip. We are quite excited. We were thinking of visiting the in-laws in Italy later this month (but decided it would have been too logistically difficult), so the Peanut already has his passport. He is set!

Today we went to the San Jose Museum of Art and checked out an Andy Warhol exhibit. The Peanut was awake and observant the whole time. There were certain paintings he liked and would stare and smile and others that made him fuss. He's already an art critic.

In non-baby news, over the weekend I went to the openning game of the new Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) league. It was a fun game and it was awesome to see some of the veterans like Brandi Chastain and Tiffany Milbrett still playing so late in their careers. Chastain turns 41 this year. Wow! Before the game, a friend of ours had a tailgating party at her house. Now, since most of my readers are not from the mid-west, let me tell you a little something about mid-west cuisine (my friend is from the mid-west). If you live in the mid-west, on special occasions, next to your meat and potatoes, you might find a jello dish. My friend had talked about these dishes before and I never quite believed her. She described dishes that included ingredients like jello, fruits, pistachios, carrots, and other stuff you would probably not use in the same sentence with jello. Well, this particular jello dish had baked pretzels layered with a whipped cream, cream cheese, and sugar filling, and then topped with jello with strawberry chunks. It was actually quite good. Sweet and tart at the same time. So not that bad. UNTIL I realized that the dish is a side dish and NOT a desert. I had some leftovers but I ate my jello dish for desert.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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