Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend News

We had a good weekend. It was mostly relaxing but I got a lot of stuff done. I finally got back into working on my scrapbooks and I made decent progress over the weekend.

On Sunday my girls played. We tied, 1-1. It was a tough tie since we were winning most of the game and they came back and tied us in the last 5 minutes. We had no subs (again) and everyone was just exhausted. Plus, the other team was playing extremely physical – lots of shoving our players off the ball and slide tackling – but I couldn’t get my girls to step up their physical play. The team was from a less nicer city in the area (if we were from Southern Cali, the other team would be from LA and we would be from Laguna Beach), but still, we should have stepped it up. Regardless, the girls played well and I am glad that they managed to survive the whole 90 minute game. Oh, and my other excuse was that the field was quite dense (the grass hadn’t been cut in weeks) and the ball would often just die in the middle of a pass.

I guess that’s all we did this weekend. Oh, I did go to a party with my friend. It was a kickball/BBQ party with a keg at 2nd base. I missed the kickball game so by the time I got there the keg had been floated and everyone was drunk. The food was really, really good – traditional BBQ with some Phillipino lumpia. Yumm!

I just realized I had a dream where I drank half a beer and tried to justify it by saying that most people say it’s ok to drink a little wine while your pregnant (a glass with dinner on special occasions). But everyone was chastising me because I had drunk beer (miller lite, of all beers) instead of wine.

Another interesting happening this weekend was that I bought my first baby gift. I got a little after-bath blanket (it has a little triangular cap in one corner) made of organic, sustainable, yadda, yadda, yadda, cotton at Whole Foods. It’s a creamy gray color with little animals on it. It’s really cute! I almost put it back because I started wondering if it was bad luck to buy baby gifts before the baby is born. And I almost cried when I told the cashier it was for my baby.

Oh, the lowlight of the weekend was the Patriots game. I only got to see the 1st quarter because of the soccer game. That sucks for the Patriots.


Lint said...

1) LA vs. Laguna Beach: Laugh!!

2) Keg at 2nd base: Laugh!!

3) Dreaming about being chewed out for drinking Miller Lite: Double Laugh!!!

4) Almost crying when telling the cashier it's for your baby: Almost cry too!!!!!!!!!

5) Sucks for the Patriots that you only saw their first quarter: Laugh!

What kind of lumpia did you have? Fresh lumpia or fried lumpia? With vegetables, or the extra small ones with meat?

Cleaty said...

Fried lumpia, small with pork inside. I think there was some other stuff in there too, like a bit of veggies. Good stuff!!

Lint said...

I think those may be the most popular of the lumpias. Add some sweet & sour sauce (& spicy for some), and they're like fries. Just plop yerself next to the platter and keep eating them until they're gone. That would be rude to the other guests, though.