Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weekend Highlights

We had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday night I made enchiladas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (a few days late). They were yummy.

Saturday I coached my girls. That was our last weekend practice. We have two tournaments the next two weekends, but I will miss them both because I have other, personal commitments. I am glad the season is almost over because I’ll get my weekends back, but I’m already starting to miss the girls. In the afternoon we ran lots of errands and got new glasses (glasses for the husband and sunglasses for me). We also stopped by Bed, Bath, and Beyond/Best Buy. I shopped for house stuff and the husband shopped for Grand Theft Auto IV (he may have had to grab the last copy from the hands of a 7 year old, but as long as the hubby is happy and will shop at BB&B with me, that’s all that matters).

On Sunday I went to the local laundromat and washed clothes. I still haven’t picked out a washer/dryer set and I am putting that off because all the options are overwhelming. It’s a big investment and I want to do as much research before we buy anything. In the afternoon, we checked out our local park and played a few rounds of tennis. We did a pretty good job despite not having played for a while. We finished off Mother’s Day with sushi. The kittens didn’t get me anything, but I did notice that there was less growling and hissing in general. What more could I ask for?

The rest of our free time was either spent vegging in front of the TV or unpacking boxes. We are almost done but we have a lot more books than bookshelves (how did that happen?). We watched the end of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It’s always great to watch families who have been through a lot walk into their new home for the first time. Shows like this make me feel good about humans. Another good but sad show we watched was Heart of Lioness, an Animal Planet show in which a lioness adopts a baby oryx (would be her food in normal circumstances). The story is quite touching although hard to watch at times. I was quite impressed with the narrators objectivity and her ability to stay out of the way even when things looked grim for the pair. I definitely recommend the show. I am misty eyed just thinking about the story.

Indoor last night was good. We came from behind to tie and then win the game in the last couple of minutes. I played like crap. I just kept making the wrong decision (pass instead of shoot). I had an early practice with the little girls, and we just kept going over the 1 touch shot once they are in the penalty box. For the little girls it’s easier and more comfortable to pass than to be aggressive and take a shot. I got a beautiful pass right in the penalty box and no one was on me and instead of shooting, I thought “my teammate will get a better shot,” and I passed it back to my teammate who had 2 people marking him.


Pablo said...

I'm surprised the 7-year-old didn't beat him up!

Cleaty said...

I think he was in a wheelchair.

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