Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hooray for Thursday!

We’ve had a busy week. On Monday night, I had an indoor game and the husband came along to play too. He did pretty good for not being a soccer player. He had a few good passes and he almost had an assist but I missed the goal. The game was very intense and we came from behind to tie 3-3. Nine guys showed up to play and only 3 get to play on the field at once. So there was some tension during the game, but most people quickly got over that and we all went for some pizza and beer to celebrate our game and Cinco de Mayo.

On Tuesday night I had an outdoor coed game and I really wasn’t in the mood to play. I ended up playing only about 30 minutes of the game, which was fine. I wish I could be more like a guy in the sense that I would always play hard even if I wasn’t up for it. Sorry to generalize, but it’s true. The guys on my team always “fight” to get playing time whereas the girls “fight” to stay on the bench. It’s probably because females are more social and don’t want to take anyone else’s spot on the field. Again, sorry for generalizing, but I think it’s true.

On Wednesday, both the husband and I had our yearly eye exams. I love going to the eye doctor because the doctor is really cool. He’s well traveled, very talkative, and does a lot of humanitarian work. He always has great stories to tell. We had our pupils dilated and the doctor needed to use 3 times the normal amount of drops to get my eyes to dilate. It had something to do with my dark colored irises requiring more drops (they are thicker than lighter colored irises, or something like that). So for about 4 hours afterwards, I had to wear my sunglasses (even at the grocery store).

I really like all our doctors and I would love to spend time with them outside their practice. The husband describes them as total nerds and really into their profession. The only thing wrong with that is that a typical appointment will take a really long time. Our dentist averages close to 2 hours for a cleaning. They have all sorts of gadgets and like to explain things. The only doctor that doesn’t give us that much time is the primary care doctor but that’s usually because it’s not really needed (I tend to know what’s wrong with me before I go in so I usually only need meds). She has a small practice and we can usually get an appointment the day we call. We also really love our vet, but she’s leaving so we’ll have to find a new one. I have always appreciated the care the vet takes with our cats and how she coos over them. We actually saw another vet in the same practice (because of a scheduling error) and we liked her too. But we found out later that she’s a little crazy (there’s lots of evidence). So now that we’ve moved we’ll try to find a place that’s closer to home.

Our closest supermarket is Lucky and I went there yesterday. I prefer Safeway or Albertson's. I'm not sure which is cheaper, but at least at Safeway I get United miles when I shop. Over the weekend I had Pho for the first time. It was very, very good. It's the only soup I've seen my husband enjoy. I am glad it's Thursday!

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