Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You Gotta be Rich to Vote Republican

A couple of weeks ago I heard an NPR piece that shocked me. NPR called the economic advisors of the top 2 contenders in each party--Democrats Clinton and Obama and Republicans McCain and Romney--and asked them what their candidate's first economic priority would be. Here's what they said:

Obama: fixing the economic slowdown and then health care reform
Clinton: passing a universal health care plan along with health care reform and then fixing the real estate market/economic slowdown

Romney: completing the free trade agreement and then making permanent the Bush tax cuts
McCain: bringing federal spending under control (no earmarks on bills) and then reforming entitlements (health care, social security)

Wow! I don't think it can be clearer than that. I don't understand how anyone, apart from the small percentage of millionaires out there, could vote Republican. It must be the scare/regligious tactics they use - gay marriage, abortion, etc.

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