Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Need to Get the Previous Post Off This Page ASAP

On that note, here my brother and I are planning a trip to NY. We've been working on this trip for a few years and we finally booked our tickets for mid-April. He even got us tickets to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game (he likes the Cowboys and Lakers too, but he's my bro so I gotta love him). We'll also check out the major sites and hopefully indulge in good food and drink. As I was trying to sort out our hotel, I found out that NY is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. You can't get a decent room with a private bathroom for under $250. And since this is NY, the rooms will probably be tiny. Fortunately our friends S and L will host us for a couple of nights and I was able to have my company travel agent use her connections to book us a room at half price for the rest of the nights.

I am in the process of getting my annual review at work. My boss is pretty happy with me so now I'm hoping for a good raise. So wish me luck! And if I don't get a good raise, I hope I have the courage to argue for a better one.

A while ago I made fun of my husband when I sent him to the store for cilantro and he came back with parsley. Well, it turns out that many people have trouble with the herb. Over the weekend I went to the store and bought some parsley. The guy at the register, Carlos, rang it up as cilantro. I didn't point out his mistake because the cilantro was on sale. Maybe since I grew up using only cilantro, I don't get the two confused since I know when I see cilantro and the other stuff is just parsley.

While I was at the store, I also bought some shrimp to make shrimp scampi. The guy behind the counter was extra flirty with me. Here's a highlight:

Fish Guy: How's you day going?
Me: Great, thanks, how about yours?
Fish Guy: It's better now that I'm helping you.

He then gave me a handful of cooked shrimp as a sample. It was sweet.

Our kittens are really into treats, especially Noodles, the orange three-legged munchkin. Getting treats from their daddy is part of their morning routine. We have some all-natural, pressed raw salmon pellets that are quite stinky but Noodles and Sluggo both love (we got them at Costco). Well, Noodles has figured out that if he picks up his treat and carries it over to where Sluggo is (sniffing his own treat) and growls a bit, Sluggo will get scared and leave his treat and Noodles will end up with both. The first time this happened we thought it was funny. Now we're a little worried. What other plans could he possibly be crafting in his little head?

As I write this post, I'm sitting next to my husband on the couch, while he plays xBox. Something scary happened in his video game because he just screamed and jumped. This happens often. He once spilt wine all over the computer keyboard because something scared him in the video game he was playing.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend (no snow). As a result, we had to spider-proof our house, or as best as we could.


Pablo said...

If you had planned the trip for July, there's a chance I could have given you a place to stay.

christina m said...


Just read your post. You may want to try these hotels in NYC, they seem pretty cool and the prices are lower. One place even has rooms with bunk beds!

I hope this helps!

I really like reading your blog, your posts are much easier to understand than that liberal fascism website I try to read.