Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Great Football Weekend

My little girls had their first season game this weekend and won!! The score was 1-0. Last week at practice we worked on aggressivity drills and wall passes, and it showed in the game. The goal was off a nice pass back to a forward in the center of the box and a shot to the far post of the goal. It kind of reminded me of Dempsey’s goal in the Brazil-US game. A 12 year old version. We had practice last night and the girls had a lot of energy. We ran the box for about 12 minutes but that only calmed them down for about 10 minutes. Then it was back to gossiping, screaming, and getting distracted. The box is a great running drill I learned about through my brother’s club soccer teams. It’s basically a square 20 yards on each side, and we run around the box in a single file line at a moderately slow pace. When I call out a number like 1, 2, 3, or 4, that’s how many sides of the box we have to sprint. I led the running and after about 12 minutes, I myself was winded. But once the girls recovered from the drill, it was back to screaming and acting like little girls. It definitely gives new meaning to the “screaming like a little girl” phrase.

The second great soccer match I saw this weekend was the US vs. Brazil friendly game played in Chicago. I only caught the last 20 minutes of the game since I didn’t even know it was on. Thanks to G for calling me to let me know the game was on. What I saw of the game was great soccer – fast paced and very intense. I saw a US goal to tie the score 2-2. Brazil ended up scoring 2 more goals: Ronaldinho scored a nice goal on a questionable foul called just outside the penalty box and a silly defensive mistake was called as a penalty which ended as another goal. The final score was 4-2 in Brazil’s favor (of course). Here’s a video with goal highlights from the game. I also found this video of goal highlights of a US vs. Brazil U20 match. This match is also good with lots of great shots and fancy Brazilian footwork.

The final football game I saw was American football. The husband and I went to a local bar to check out the New England game since it wasn’t televised here (but it was in Los Angeles – go figure!). The bar had lots of TV’s and there were a bunch of different games on. And even though it was only 10 am, there were lots of people drinking. The game on the biggest screen of all was Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland. And the Pittsburgh fans were soooo annoying. We wanted Pittsburgh to lose just because of the fans. They were all decked out in their Pittsburgh jerseys and had even brought their terrible towels and bobble head collection. Everyone at the bar seemed to want the Patriots to loose, and we figured that was because everyone was jealous of how good the Patriots are and how bad their own teams suck. One thing that cracked me up was how the Pittsburgh fans reacted to replays of touchdowns. When Pittsburgh would score, the fans would go crazy. When the touchdown was replayed, they would go just as crazy .

On a sad note, that sucks about Kevin Everett’s injury. I hope he has a full recovery and a speedy one.


Pablo said...

Everyone wants the Pats to lose because they suck.

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