Sunday, June 17, 2007


Not much to report. I had a good weekend. A friend was visiting and it's always nice when friends visit (hint, hint). We mostly hung out. I finally met someone who works at Google. I can't believe that living and working so close to Google (1.5 miles and 0.5 miles, respectively), I have not met a Googlian until now. It seems like it would be fun to work at Google...good pay and stock, great perks like free gourmet food, free laundromats, free day-care (do they take cats?). I suspect that all these free perks come with the expectation that you have to work a million hours a week, but I do not know for sure. Sometimes I feel like I work a million hours a week and I only get a pat on the back, if that.

We also went to a birthday party in the park for a 2-year-old. I expected the party to be fun and I expected for there to be a lot of kids, but my expectations were exceeded. The party was a lot of fun and there were a ton of kids there. Everyone seems to have a 2-year-old and an infant. It was fun to see all the kids go crazy for bubbles (I bet the cats would love the bubble machine too) and stuff cupcakes in their faces. Those images were priceless! I did see one kid reject another. It was while the bubbles were flowing, and one of the 2-year-olds, kid 1, pushed away another 2-year-old, kid 2. When kid 1 pushed away kid 2, kid 2 held out the hand to try to hold kid 1's hand, but kid 1 just pushed harder. Kid 1 then got distracted by the bubbles and I walked over to kid 2 and took the hand and got kid 2 interested in bubbles again. I was a little disappointed in humanity at that point. Why are 2-year-olds rejecting each other? I figured that kid 2 had done something to annoy kid 1, but kid 2 is a mellow, easy going little kid. The babies were fun, but I did get puked on. And despite my several showers since then, I am itchy where I got puked on. Maybe I am allergic to baby puke.

Oh, we tend to call our kittens "little munchkins," and so I started calling all the little kids "little munchkins" too. I wonder if the parents weren't pleased about that.

Had some great Mongolian BBQ.

Also had a margarita spilt on me by my husband who can't hold his liquor. He can drink it but he can't hold it.


Pablo said...

Why was your husband drinking margaritas anyways? Real men drink their tequila straight, out of a shot glass (alternatively you can take a swig out of the bottle but I understand that this is not possible if you're at a bar), and the even the lime and salt are optional. I need to come over and teach you kids a thing or two.

Cleaty said...

He tried playing quarters with tequila once. The other person started the game and got three in a row. It was basically game over. We are going to Mexico in a couple of weeks. I'll be sure he takes a tequila drinking course with the natives.