Tuesday, June 12, 2007


About 4 weeks ago, I decided to shave my head. I've always wanted to try it and I finally got the courage to do so.

I have gotten a favorable response. Most people either had no opinion or thought it was cool (at least that is the impression I got). I did have one negative response via email: "You shouldn't have shaved your head. That was dumb! Hair is good on girls."



I honestly don't have a reason apart from I just wanted to. I wish I had a better story or could come up with a good one. Although if I really had to give a solid reason, I would say that I had had a bad week at work and I needed a change.

Were you drunk?

No. I had a beerwith dinner about 4 hours before the shaving. My husband, who held the clippers, was fairly intoxicated. He did encourage me to shave my head but he has no regrets.

Did you go completely bald?

I didn't shave down to nothing, but I did have the 2nd smallest setting on the clippers. It was about 1/8 inch long. Not very long at all.

Do you have cancer or did you do it in solidarity of someone with cancer?

I am very fortunate in that I do not have cancer (that I know of) and I do not know anyone with cancer. So no and no.

How does it feel?

Now it feels pretty normal. At first my head felt super cold. The first time I wore a baseball cap after I had shaved my head, I felt really weird. I felt constant stimulus on my hair. Like someone was cosntantly pulling at my hair. Now I sometimes feel as if I have my hair tied up in a tight ponytail.

Did Brittney Spears inspire you?

No. (And no, it wasn't a cry for help.)

Will you send us a picture?

I don't think I will email nor post any pictures. So if you want to see my shaved head, you need to visit me.

How long is your hair now?

I've been trying to pull out a hair to measure it but I can't. It's probably between 1/4 and 1/2 inch.


Tim said...

So what's the big news? Are you pregnant?

HammBill said...


Sorry you couldn't have included a photo. You must look cute! Of course, 1/8 inch isn't quite as short as my cut. Carol got her head shaved back in 1994, and she looked fine.


Pablo said...

WOW!!! Is this girl, showing a total lack of care for her hair, the same one that used to wear a different color bow to school not 3 years ago??

Cleaty said...

Yes, I miss the bows. You remembered! I guess it's going to be a while before I get to wear them again.

Cleaty said...

I guess another advantage of having a shaved head is that in a house full of cats, I don't have to be constantly searching for my stolen hair thingys which usually end up in the food or water bowls.

Pablo said...

Awww...now I miss bombon. I spent way too much money on hair thingies, which turned out to be his favorite toy.

And of course I remember the bows. We spent way too much time together in that damn office.

Michael said...

Devon is jealous. At least once every few months she considers it, although she has not gone through with it yet.

Lint said...

Claudia gets her mid-life crises early. ;)

I heard the rumor a couple of weeks ago, but didn't believe it. Now I totally want to see you!

Really, truly, I am in full support of people doing different (but harmless) things on a whim, and I'm happy for you! I'm all for it! (But wouldn't shave my own head, I haven't had that whim.)

Egbert S said...

This post is an offence to the whole Internet until I see a picture. Pictures! Pictures!

Anonymous said...

wow. i can't believe it! i never would have thought that u'd ever cut ur hair! lol.
u should send sum pics!!
i can't wait to see it laterz in tha summa when u go to mexico!! :]
luv, wendy