Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes, I am Alive

Yup, I’m still alive. I’ve just been busy. In the past month we went to Orange County, Boston, and started looking for a nanny.

Both trips were fun. We saw loads of family and friends and the Peanut had a wonderful time meeting lots of people. Highlights include:

Splashing in a kiddie pool; hanging out with big kids (the Peanut’s highlight), eating lots of ice cream at Cabot’s in Newton, seeing lots of friends (thank you to those who traveled long distances to see us), going to the Boston aquarium, getting lost trying to drive through the Boston suburbs (fortunately the Peanut slept right through it).

At his 6 month birth anniversary we decided we could no longer call our son Peanut. He was too old. Not only did he no longer look like a Peanut (big head, poufy diaper), but we didn’t want the name to stick. So we’ve been trying out other names that include Calabazita (pumpkin) and El Jefe (the boss). Unfortunately we still tend to call him Peanut or the Fuss.

The nanny interviewing process has been going pretty well. We were happy with our pool of nannies until we realized that we don’t really know any of these people. And how well can you really get to know anyone in less than 1 month? So we are kind of stressed out right now, trying to figure all this out. Before the Peanut was born, I figured I would have no trouble sending him to daycare. And I think the husband felt exactly the same way, until he stayed at home with the Peanut for 10 weeks. My husband fears the nanny will be careless or abandon our child and my fear is that the nanny will kidnap him. We’ve decided to offset our work schedules so that the Peanut is only with a nanny for 6 hours a day, 4 days a week. Most likely nothing will happen, and the nanny will become an integral part of our family and the Peanut’s life. What more could we ask for than a nanny that the Peanut is happy to see? Wish us luck!

Other highlights from the past month include:

First food – rice cereal with breastmilk! We didn’t get any of the funny faces. On the contrary, the Peanut really seemed to enjoy the food. We have gotten some classic faces with pureed carrots, but we don’t have any pictures of that.

We got a backpack carrier which the Peanut really seems to love.

We checked out some horses!

We used the potty (but I’ll only show the Peanut’s picture). Ok, so we are not one of those families that is crazy about one parenting theory over another. For a while there, the Peanut tended to leak his diaper every morning. So instead of waiting for a leak, or trying to do a change midway through the deed, we decided to sit him on the potty. And it worked! Was that too much info? We’ve actually only tried this once. But it was a cute picture!

The Peanut got his first drug rug!

And these baseball hat pictures are adorable!

And of course, priceless.

Since I haven’t posted in a long time, I’m going to make this a long one.

My birthday was last week! This was actually a pretty bad birthday of all the birthday’s I’ve had. It got better as the day neared an end. In the past I have always loved my birthday and I was really looking forward to this birthday. But this birthday all I really wanted to do was go home and sit on the couch and stare at the wall. However, I was stuck at work, with a lot of stressful things going on, until much later than I wanted to. When I finally left work, my parents helped me organize the garage. That actually made me happy. Am I old or just domesticated? We finally ended up going downtown, to partake in the once a month summer festivities (band, farmer’s market, etc.), and had dinner at The Tied House, our local brewpub. Thanks to Will and Christine who joined us. But then, as we were heading home, I felt really sick. It must have been something I ate? Who knows. Fortunately the ill feelings passed quickly.

Oh, 3 weekends ago I went to a soccer camp put on the by the local women’s professional team. It was my first time playing soccer in about 1 year and it was fun. I did roll my ankle but it only took a couple of minutes to get over the pain and back onto the field. There were about 18 women at the camp coached by Tiffeny Millbret and Christine Sinclair. I was probably the most skilled player on the field. But it was a great way for me to get back into the soccer mood. I’ve signed up for a women’s league starting in 1 month. I can’t wait.

Speaking of rolling my ankle...I’ve always been worried about what would happen if we tripped as we were carrying the Peanut. Would we throw the Peanut in the air so that we could free our hands to break our fall? Would we do a move defying the laws of physics and somehow end up under the Peanut to break his fall? Well, the other day I was carrying the Peanut when my foot found a hole in the ground and I rolled my ankle. I heard lots of popping noises. And it hurt. But the Peanut barely moved in my arms. And I watched the husband do a similar thing. He was sitting on the ground and tried to stand up while holding the Peanut, lost his balance, but somehow managed to land back on the ground, in a completely different position, but the Peanut barely moved in space. I guess when you are holding such precious cargo, your body is aware of that and it reacts accordingly.

Well, I had planned on making this post A LOT longer, but to get it finished and published, I'll stop here. At least I got the pics up and that's all anyone cares about anyway.


Lint said...

That drug rug fits so well!

Kelly said...

drug rug, coronas, so wrong
soccer again, fantastic
cute pics, excellent
can't remember the real kid's name-hilarious :)

Cleaty said...

The drug rug in Mexico has a more useful purpose of keeping someone warm, so it was a totally innocent gift from his auntie in Mexico. And the coronoa picture...well, I left the boys alone for a few minutes. Thanks for the comments!

Will said...

I like "El Jefe."

mamita said...

Pretty freakin' cute.
I like the potty picture...I think you should roll with it. I think in about 3 months you will be glad you did. In my "professional" opinion you just shouldn't expect perfection...I think you will be happy you did...I think, I think, I think.
Oh yeah...so I did some research trying to find information about peanut shelf life...I was hoping to find something to say you can call him peanut forever...but alas alak...(oh, and I think you should call him Esse with that drug rug)

Shelled peanuts should be stored in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator or freezer since excess exposure to heat, humidity or light will cause them to become rancid. Shelled peanuts will keep in the refrigerator for about three months and in the freezer for up to six months. They should not be chopped prior to storage, only right before eating or using in a recipe. Peanuts still in their shells can be kept in a cool, dry dark place, but keeping them in the refrigerator will extend their shelf life to about nine months.

boy I should have emailed this...

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