Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 Months!

2 months already! Wow! As someone in our new mom's group said, "the days are long, but the years are short." So true. The days are long and not. Sometimes I'll look up at the clock and be amazed that it's already 3 pm (didn't we just get up an hour ago??). By 7 or 8 pm I'm exhausted, but feel as if I didn't accomplish anything. I guess the diapering and feeding is all part of my routine now (like brushing my teeth), so it's not something that's on my list of to-do's from day to day.

Baby massage is going well. During the first class the peanut was quite fussy, as were most of the babies. That's not really what you would expect at a massage class. Last week's class was great. We got a lot of massage done and the Peanut LOVED it.

We finally narrowed our cloth diaper options to pocket diapers. They are pretty easy. So here's a quick tutorial on cloth diapers - there are 4 basic kinds: flatfolds (a big rectangular piece of fabric that you fold/wrap around a baby, secure, and then put a "waterproof" cover on), prefolds (already folded/contoured and also require a cover), pockets (a cover with a pocket so you can vary your stuffing/absorbency), and all-in-ones (these are most like disposables). We went with pocket diapers, mostly because the layer that touches the baby's bum is made of a material that wicks moisture away so it feels dry. Since we struggle with diaper rash on the Peanut, we need that area to stay as dry as possible. There are a ton of different manufacturers of pocket diapers, but I narrowed it down to a few and bought a couple of each brand to try out - Happy Heinys, Fuzzi Bunz, BumGenius, and TinyTush. With names like that, why wouldn't you want to use cloth diapers? After that, you have a few more, simpler choices...snaps vs. velcro, color, etc.

So scratch that. When I first started writing this post last week, I was all excited about cloth diapers. We had already been using them for a while in conjunction with disposables since I had not yet purchased enough to use them all the time (and we were still deciding on a brand). But, since we are always battling diaper rash, we need to keep the Peanut's bum lathered with diaper rash cream, which is terrible for cloth diapers. Diaper rash cream creates a water proof barrier on the baby's bum...and so any that gets on the diaper will create a water proof barrier on the diaper itself. That's bad. Some of the organic creams will wash out of the diaper, but not the heavy duty stuff we need. So we stopped using cloth diapers and also switched up the disposable diaper brand. We've tried the popular brands like Huggies and Pampers and were using the Whole Foods brand (no chemicals). But over the weekend we switched it up to the Seventh Generation brand (also no chemicals), and the rash is almost all gone. Yay! We still need to keep using the diaper rash cream, even if the rash is gone, just to add a layer of protection (as the pediatrician recommended). Cloth diapers are supposed to prevent diaper rash better than disposables, and we would still love to use cloth vs. disposable, but I think we'll need to wait a little while, to see if the baby's bum "toughens up".

So parents don't talk in high-pitched baby talk because they like to, but because it works. If I try to explain to the Peanut that I need to put his socks on before I feed him, "I need to put your socks on" doesn't work. Now if I say "I need to put on your little sockies on your little toesies that are soo cutie" in a high-pitched voice with lots of animation (think smiling like crazy, waving the socks around), then I'll get an extra few seconds to put the socks on before he starts screaming. The only problem is that after talking in such a manner for 10+ hours, it's hard to turn off when I talk to an adult (aka, the husband).

I recently learned I can stuff 7 tortellinis in my mouth at once. The Peanut was hungry but so was I.

The Peanut has been awake and playful a lot more. He's generally very happy in the mornings or after naps. He's even started to wake up during walks (he tends to sleep as soon as he's rocked in the car or stroller). Last night I took him to meet my indoor team and watch the game and he was alert and watching the whole time. It's a lot more work now that he's awake a lot more but it's also a lot more fun.

I finally got back into pilates. My back was starting to bother me and after a couple of pilates and physical therapy sessions, I feel so much better. Pilates is a lot harder now that I am not pregnant. I no longer have a wedge to lie on which makes the ab work a lot easier. And when I do push ups, I have a lot further down to go so those are harder too. The only thing that is easier is the balance.

Here's a couple more pictures: Superbaby and cute hands


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Rosa said...

Oops! Meant to say hello along with sharing that link. Sarah shared your URL, so I've been admiring the baby. Very cute!

Some friends in Providence posted the above info about cloth diapers on their blog, which I found interesting - maybe it'll be useful in your research.

Hello to the Peanut & Andrew, too.


Cleaty said...

Hi Rosa,

I was surprised at how easy cloth diapers were to take care of. I always hung them out to dry outside so they are not stained. But until we get this diaper rash issue under control, we are going to keep using disposables. We are quite happy with Seventh Generation.

I am glad you found our site.