Friday, January 16, 2009

Lazy Update

So I've gotten through a week of doing nothing. Mostly. My doctor could tell I had been resting because I lost 4 lbs. in a week - all muscle mass. Great. These couple of weeks will erase all the effort I put in working out and doing pilates. Oh well. I guess it's also preparation for life with kids - things don't always go the way you want them to.

I've actually accomplished quite a bit these last few days. The first 2 days of this week were easy, the next 2 were emotionally challenging, and today it's a little better. I've practiced typing with 1 hand quite a bit. I read The Other Boleyn Girl (waiting for the Netflix movie to arrive). I've watched 1/2 of the first season of Dexter. I've done a lot more research on cloth vs. disposable diapers and am now really happy with our decision - we'll do a diaper service for the first month and then we'll buy our own cloth diapers. And I've talked on the phone and texted a lot. The kitties have been ecstatic to have me home all day. And a couple of days I actually napped and really enjoyed it.

In other baby news, my sister-in-law and her husband got picked to adopt a baby. The baby will be born any day now, just like ours, so I'll become a mom and aunt at the same time. Exciting!

So I've started to develop cramps. They are not contractions, just menstrual-like cramps that are more annoying than painful. Contractions, my doctor told me, will be a lot more painful. Next I wait for my water to break or contractions to start. Bring it on!

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Lint said...

You've also seen every single lolcat ever made and learned 500 different recipes for mac and cheese. Oh wait, maybe that's me while work is slow. :)

Did you get that article on storing umbilical cord blood I sent you? What do you plan to do?