Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 Day Weekend!!

I am about to leave work to start my 5 day weekend. Yay!! The husband is very lucky because he actually doesn't go back to work until January 5.

Here's the plan for my extended weekend: my parents will be visiting for Christmas, I'm baking lots of cookies and maybe even some biscotti, I will do lots of crafty stuff like scrapbooking and card making, and I'll play around with our new camera. Oh, and my new laptop arrives tomorrow so I'll have fun with that.

Happy Holidays!!


Will said...

What kind of laptop? I just got a Dell Inspiron 1550. Also, I got your card!

Cleaty said...

I got a Dell XPS from Costco. It's this one. We debated between the Dell and an HP that was slightly better. The HP's are a little cheaper but we ended up trusting Dell (the UT one both the husband and I each had lasted a long time). And we got it through Costco because they extend the warranty and have great customer service. I expect you also picked a Dell because they are good computers. Oh, and my new laptop is pink!

Pablo said...

Too funny!! I just got the same Dell XPS! Ana Maria wanted it in pink too, but I talked her out of it.

Cleaty said...

I'm playing around with my new laptop now. You totally should have let her get the pink one. It's sweet! What color did you get? The laptop is little but the screen looks great! I can't figure out what software to install first... :)