Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Tidbits

So you can see Russia from Alaska. That was Sarah Palin’s claim for why she has foreign policy experience to Katie Couric. And when Couric asked again, she replied “because our neighboring countries are foreign countries.”

The husband has a couple of clips on his blog of the Couric-Palin interview which are priceless. He also included an question-answer session with Ms. South Carolina for comparison. They are just a precursor to the debate tonight. Enjoy them here.

During an NPR interview, McCain was asked what foreign policy qualifications Sarah Palin has. McCain’s response:

“she has the knowledge and background on a broad variety of issues, including probably the major challenge of America, and that's energy independence...She has the world view that I have. She is very highly qualified and very knowledgeable.”

If you have an IT department at work, have you noticed what theme was used in naming your computers at work? We used to have a feline theme, but we started moving towards a professional cyclists name theme. The new trend is because our IT guys are big cyclists. Some other offices from my company have a Lord of the Rings theme.

We are going to Boston and New York for about a week so I may or may not be posting. We’ll be in NY this weekend for a wedding and we hope to see some of you NY people. We’ll spend the rest of the week in Boston. Two of my high school friends also planned their vacation to Boston around the same time as we did, so I’ll get to hang out with them during the week.


Rebecca said...

OH my goodness... I just read your husband's posting/watched the clips. I hadn't seen much of the actual interview but I HAVE seen the SNL parody and I have to say the script writers had it easy. I think they just took the transcript from the interview and had the actors read it. I hope Boston is less soggy for you guys than it was for us last weekend! (my shoes are, quite literally, still wet from last Friday)

Cleaty said...

Yeah, those clips are really good. She actually did a decent job on the debate. She sounded good but had no substance.

Oh, and I checked the weather and it looks like there will be sunshine all week. So I am keeping my fingers crossed!