Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My New Favorite Phrases

“mommy brain” – it’s a justification for why I forget things. I haven’t used it myself but our secretary uses it often to justify why I forget things. I think there is some truth to the “mommy brain”. My body is too busy making a little person to remember why I walked into my boss’ office.

“but I’m pregnant” – it’s a good thing to say when the husband is giving me a hard time for not riding my bike to work (6+ miles each way, uphill both ways) or when I want to watch something on tv while he wants to channel surf. It doesn’t work 100% of the time but it’s pretty effective.

“it’s what the baby wants” – one of my favorites. This is usually 100% effective but I try not to overuse it. Unfortunately the husband now claims to also know what the baby wants and it’s often in contradiction to what I understood the baby to want (Indian food for dinner, going for a walk).


Rebecca said...

Matt and I already claim to know what other people/animals/things are thinking or saying ("The cat wants you to go to the strip club? How do you know?" "He told me" okay, maybe that example is a little far-fetched, but that's the general idea). I can't imagine how much that will intensify someday when we're interpreting an unborn baby's wishes/demands! Also, I like the term "Mommy brain" much better than "Preggo brain"

Cleaty said...

Mommy brain probably starts right away and it basically continues until the kids move out of the house. There was a commercial Andy and I would get a kick out of: Some lady would be running along the reservoir in Central Park, and as she was running, she would think, "I can't concentrate, maybe I'm pregnant..." The commercial was for a pregnancy test.

Matt must have given the cats some good catnip to get them into agreeing that he should go to a strip club. I can totally imagine that. Hee hee.

Will said...

Uphill both ways huh? That implies that at least part of the route is downhill :P. Weather here is great right now...biked to Honest Abe the other day.